• We will:
  • We will invest in the next generation
  • We will live for a bigger vision
  • We will serve in our community
  • We will reach globally
  • We will make room for more

Dear Church Family

We are in an exciting and unprecedented time of expansion and influence as a community. God is opening amazing doors and opportunities for us all to be used to advance His kingdom and make a difference in our world. As we share some big vision and prepare our hearts for this year’s Legacy Offering, please remember that this series and oering is not just about seeing how much money we can raise but about how many of our church family will be involved and expand their world as they live for the bigger picture. Our Legacy series is all about releasing people into new levels of generosity and bringing “great praise to God” through our extravagant lives. This year we are focusing on 4 lanes of legacy and I’m asking that all of us would prayerfully consider how God would want us to invest in the future of our cities and people far from God. Thanks for investing your life into what Jesus gave his for, The Church.

Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things — Matthew 25:21

Legacy Lanes of Generosity
  • Global Missions
  • Building Expansion
  • We Love Our City
  • Church Plants

This most generous God who gives seed to the farmer that becomes bread for your meals is more than extravagant with you. He gives you something you can then give away, which grows into full-formed lives, robust in God, wealthy in every way, so that you can be generous in every way, producing with us great praise to God. — 2 Corinthians 9:10-11 (Message)

These are Great Days! Pastor Dave & Donna



Global Missions

Cambodia & Nepal Pastors - $200,000

Many pastors in nations all over the world have been called by God to pastor local churches in their countries. Two specific countries that we believe God is calling us to partner with are Cambodia and Nepal. The pastors that we have relationship with in these nations are praying that God would help them with the resources that they desperately need to eectively fulfill His call. Needs that many of us take for granted in our great nation.

These pastors have received no formal training. No Bible College. No seminaries that instruct them on how to eectively plant, grow, and shepherd a church. Often they don’t even have the books or study materials to help them prepare sermons that will equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Many pastors don’t even have the resources to help them manage the demands of ministry and their own families and marriages – which can lead to quick burnout and abandonment of the call of God.

So what can we see? We can see 150 pastors trained, biblically educated, and with the needed resources to be able to lead their churches to impact their communities.

Our goal is a Legacy oering of $200,000 to give 150 pastors the resources and education the desperately need for their churches, marriages, families, and leadership to reach the lost in Nepal and Cambodia.

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Building Expansion

East Bay & Napa Campus New Homes, Champions Club - $500,000

Our East Bay Campus is finally getting a permanent home! The days of being a church that has to set-up and tear-down every week are finally coming to an end, and East Bay families can finally gather to a permanent church home.

Napa Campus has unfortunately hit a ceiling, and cannot grow until they move into a larger facility. Both campuses are in the middle of their Imagine campaigns and are on schedule to raise $2.5 million each, and we can help them achieve their goal.

The buildings are selected, the architect drawings and city permits are in process, but we want to start construction in January.

Can you see two new homes for our growing campuses, where new people can experience the power and presence of God? Where new ministries like Champions Club can welcome families that have never been able to come to church together? If so, we are seeking to raise $500,000 ($250,000 each) for these two exciting new campuses!

Since we launched Champions Club in Vacaville two years ago, we have seen over 45 new families added to the church. Now we want to expand Champions Clubs to all our campuses, in order to better serve families in the special needs community.

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We Love

Our City

We Love Our City

Vacaville Thrift Store - $250,000

It's no secret. We continue to make an impact on our community through We Love Our City! We are also recognized by our public leaders for our support that we see as simply "taking responsibility for our city."

Our community outreach in Vacaville continues to grow in meeting the needs of tens of thousands all around us. There is still the needs of tens of thousands all around us. There is still more to do and more local needs to meet. As Roseville has seen significant growth, we believe that the next step is to bring a powerful and similar sense of support to the city of Roseville the way we have brought this to our other campus communities. Can you see it? Can you see a vibrant community with a diverse population of growing families that are joining together to feed hungry, help the widow and orphan, and clothe those in need? To help cover this responsibility, we have an opportunity for sustainable income to help fund these goals through a Thrift Store in Vacaville.

Our realtor has found a great location for the store, and the business plan is almost finished, so let's push this venture to the finish line by getting the funding to finish strong. Our goal is to raise $250,000 to create a place that can not only continue assisting our community in Vacaville by providing quality items to families for a reduced cost, but also generating consistent income to impact Vacaville and Roseville's Community Outreach.

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Church Plants

TFH Oakland Church Plant - $300,000

TFH San Francisco and TFH Orange County church plants have been two of the most successful and exciting Legacy Stories that we have celebrated in the past two years.

As God is moving in our state, we know that He has big plans for the incredible city of Oakland!

So what do you see in Oakland? We can answer that by first sharing what many may not know about "the bright side of the bay."

Oakland is one of the most diverse places in our nation. The percentage of white residents is around 34%, while black residents make up 28%, the Hispanic community 25%, and the Asian population is 16%, and it is a "mecca" for artists as Expressions Art College and even Pixar Studios call the Oakland area their home.

So why should we invest in TFH Oakland? Because we get a chance to partner with Jules and Lani Moore in planting and establishing a thriving church in the middle of Oakland California. Our goal is to invest $300,000 in a church that will truly bring the father to the fatherless.

So now...what do you see? How about an incredible and vibrant worship community? One that will bring the reality of the presence of God to this incredibly diverse and growing city.

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