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Winter Camp

TFH Youth Camp is a 2 night, 2 1/2 day experience designed for Middle School & High School Student's to Encounter God. During this camp student's will experience powerful worship times, convicting messages, challenging group discussions, create new friendships, have a blast during our team challenges, and more! We believe that by taking these few days to center around Jesus, we're going to see the next generation empowered and equipped. This is one of the most significant things we do as a youth ministry and we want you student to be a part of it!


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TFH Conference

Our goal is to equip you to build with excellence and anointing in your local church. We want to create a space where you can encounter the presence of God so that you and your team can leave filled and refreshed.

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Christmas at The Father’s House

Join us for Christmas at The Father's House.


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Biblical Studies

As a church we recognize and understand the importance and responsibility of resourcing our community with Biblical knowledge, spiritual development, and discipleship. We are so excited to announce a new ministry, Biblical Studies!
Biblical Studies serves to train and equip the local church through Biblical education, impartation, and application. 
You will receive teaching in person and online from our TFH teaching team, TFH networks pastors, and beyond. Registration is now open for our Fall Semester. Through Biblical Studies you will be equipped with a library of resources for you to grow in discipleship so you can take on life and all that comes with it. If you sign up in the next few weeks you will receive a discount for future biblical studies one off events, which you will hear more about soon! 

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We hear the spirit of God speaking to us saying, “It’s time to dream again, it’s time to invest again, it’s time to build again.” This is what we know...


There is still much ground to take, thousands of people to reach with the gospel, and a generation to be reached with an authentic move of the Spirit. Our part, our role, our job is to prepare now for what God is going to accomplish in our future. This is the way of the prepares, faith anticipates, and expects the coming of greater things. 

SO, with that we are launching into another season of building to move us towards the completion of our master plan and prepare for all that God will do in this next season of our church. In the next 2 years, we will expand new ministry and connection space. This keeps us fulfilling our vision to build relationships that last and encourage faith that moves mountains. This allows us to invest spiritually in the next generation, facilitating an atmosphere for fresh encounters with God, leading people to find freedom, and reaching our community for Jesus in new and creative ways. This new ministry space is a spiritual house that everyone can call home. 

Better Marriages

This is a 7-session series that meets every OTHER week on Monday night from 6:30 to 8:30 pm beginning August 14th. Any couple – pre-married, good marriage, struggling marriage is welcome. Learn how to better understand and communicate with your partner in a practical, God grounded way.

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Living for Legacy

We are in our Legacy series at the Napa, East BayRoseville, & Roseville Slavic campuses! Click a campus below to learn more.


East Bay


Roseville Slavic

Pursuit Day

Wednesday Nights until after Pursuit on Thursday

Pursuit Night is the most important service of the week at The Father's House, where we pursue God and pray for our families, church, city, and nation. As a church, we will be setting time aside to push back the plate and pursue God together. We’ll be fasting from Wednesday night until after Pursuit on Thursdays. No matter your location, this is something everyone can be a part of. We are excited to see what God is going to do!

Pursuit Night Service Times

Every Thursday, 6 PM

Every Thursday, 6 PM

Every Thursday, 7 PM

Every Thursday, 6:30 PM

90 Day Tithe Challenge

Taking the challenge is as easy as signing up and starting. Your 90-day challenge will then begin the following day. Throughout the challenge, you will receive content (via the email address used during setup) to encourage you throughout your journey.

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Essentials is designed to help you get started in your relationship with God. This six week experience will provide you with the tools and support you need to connect with God and with others. We can't wait to meet you! Sign up today! At Essentials, you’ll have the opportunity to…

  • Explore what it means to follow Jesus
  • Meet new friends
  • Ask questions about the Christian Faith

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