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A Search for the Reason for the Season

Elementary kids and under with their parents, are invited to a special Christmas scavenger hunt. Join us December 3rd from 1-3pm. The "prize" for completing the scavenger hunt, is hot chocolate, rice crispy decorating, crafts and more!

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90 Day Tithe Challenge

Taking the challenge is as easy as signing up and starting. Your 90-day challenge will then begin the following day. Throughout the challenge, you will receive content (via the email address used during setup) to encourage you throughout your journey.

Living for Legacy

We are in our Legacy series at the Napa, East Bay, & Roseville campuses! Click a campus below to learn more.


East Bay


Pursuit Day

Wednesday Nights until after Pursuit on Thursday

Pursuit Night is the most important service of the week at The Father's House, where we pursue God and pray for our families, church, city, and nation. As a church, we will be setting time aside to push back the plate and pursue God together. We’ll be fasting from Wednesday night until after Pursuit on Thursdays. No matter your location, this is something everyone can be a part of. We are excited to see what God is going to do!

Pursuit Night Service Times

Every Thursday, 6 PM

Every Thursday, 6 PM

Every Thursday, 7 PM

Every Thursday, 6:30 PM

Fiscal Year End Report

Our fiscal financial year-end report is now available. This report tells a story of all the ministries and outreach that took place last fiscal year. Your generosity impacted lives and increased our reach in our campuses, community, missions, and more. 

To view the full report click here

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