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The Fathers House recognizes the special calling on members of our Armed Services and their families. Our vision is for The Fathers House to be the “Home Church” for its military members and families. We realize many military members and families move every two to four years and we want to help them connect quickly, grow spiritually, and serve joyfully so they are prepared for the unique challenges of military life locally and globally.

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Ryan and Krisha Padgett's Story

TFH Military Moms Connect

TFH Military Moms Connect

This group is for moms of The Father's House who are military spouses and/or active duty. This group exists to create community and make deep, authentic connections within our church. Please post prayer requests, playdates and questions concerning military life and The Father's House.

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Military hours Monday 6pm to 7pm (with Military ID ONLY)

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Matt and Lou's Story

Matt and Lou Campbell

The military ministry at TFH has been a life line for our family. When you’re new to a community, a normal experience for a military family, you look to find your church home. TFH has always been a positive experience for us, even before we stepped in the doors, when we were greeted on the sidewalk and shown around on our first Sunday. When we found out there was a military ministry we were confident we had found yet another reason to call TFH “home”. Then, when we signed up for the military small group, it was so wonderful to get an immediate email and phone call from both Jeff and Kim. It was the warm welcome we needed. Fast forward to 17 months later and not only do we have a church family, we have great friends, too. This group has seen us through family illnesses, deaths, pre-deployment preparation, and has definitely been impactful in developing a family that loves Jesus! We are thankful to God for this ministry!

– Matt and Lou Campbell

Contact Information

(707) 455-7790
[email protected]

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Richie Crawford's Story

Richie Crawford

The Military Ministry at The Father's House has been nothing but a blessing to me. When I made it to Travis I found myself surrounded by family immediately. I was facing a divorce and a lot of uncertainty shortly after I arrived. This wasn't something I knew how to navigate. I'm not sure if I would have made it through everything the way I did if it hadn't been for the love, support, and direction I received through The Father's House and the Military Ministry.

– Richie Crawford

Katherine Little's Story

Katherine Little

The Military Ministry has been a blessing from the start. I came to TFH not knowing anyone, saw the military ministry card and wanted to meet like-minded people. I was going through divorce proceedings and one of the leaders, Kim Snyder, walked with me through all of it. She didn’t judge me and showed me how God was with me through it too. She was more of a friend to me than I could say for anyone in my life and we had just met a week before. Kim and Jeff welcomed me with huge open arms and made me feel like family. They communicated and treated me with so much love, grace, and kindness and wanted me to draw closer to Christ. I honestly don’t believe I would have kept going to TFH (or Church) without them and their ministry. The people I met in the group were life giving and really great friends. I met people of all ages, in all stages of life and career, and all branches of service. I could call on any of them for advice because they knew what I was going through. Now that I have left Travis Air Force Base, I am starting my own small group at Creech Air Force Base and couldn’t be more excited. I thank God for sending me to TFH Military Ministry.

– Katherine Little